An Introduction to the Ins and Outs of Interior Landscaping

hotel lobby with many plants and waterfall
What is Interior Landscaping?
When people think of landscaping, they usually think of plants, structures, & flowers that enhance the exterior appearance of a home or business. Interior landscaping is actually just the same thing, only inside of a building. It is very similar to outdoor landscaping, using the plains, angles and horizons of building interiors to create living works of art.
Many people enjoy nature, as it can create a sense of tranquility and is also beautiful to look at. It is no wonder that they would want to bring nature inside, where they spend a good amount of their time. By artistically adorning an interior space with plants and flowers, you create an environment that is inviting and enjoyable to be in.
Who uses Interior Landscaping?
Interior landscaping can be used by virtually any type of business, whether to create a better work environment, or to enhance the workplace for visitors and customers. Many businesses and institutions such as malls, hotels, office buildings, schools, universities, restaurants, & medical facilities invest in interior landscaping for these reasons. You’d be surprised by how greatly plants and flowers can transform an interior environment.
The Benefits of Interior Landscaping
Including plants and flowers in your interior space brings about many benefits for your business. Aside from creating something beautiful to look at, plants and flowers will enhance the air quality by removing carbon dioxide & toxins, and producing oxygen rich air. It has also been proven that plants and flowers reduce stress, increase productivity, and generate higher overall happiness in employees. Additionally, plants absorb sound to create a quieter environment.
Making sure your plant displays always look their best can be done by horticulturists, who can maintain your displays on a weekly to monthly basis. Interior plant maintenance experts will ensure your plants are irrigated, fertilized, pruned, and cleaned so that your plants always look vibrant and healthy!
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The Latest Business Trends for Interior Landscape Design


There is always a new trend, idea, or design rising because industries are constantly changing. It is essential to stay ahead and be up to date on the latest and greatest designs that are being offered or shown. In the world of interior design, there are trends in landscape design that are being recognized.

Incorporating green walls into a business building, home, or other space is being highly sought after. It is very popular right now to have vertically growing greenery. These green walls are being seen as having an eco friendly environment because these plants offer clean air, grow, and evolve. The right equipment and planning can help to have these green walls installed and be well-kept. There are a variety of plants such as succulents, bromeliads, and trailing vines (like pothos) which are great options for walls! Green walls will all grow differently offering extravagant designs and an array of different colors.

People are wanting to spend more time outdoors. You could be working long days indoors and crave the essence of the outdoors, which is what outdoor rooms offer! Outdoor rooms provide sunlight and fresh air while adding a comfortable and stylish flare outside your home. Businesses are looking into incorporating these rooms for employees to enjoy their lunches and breaks. In these rooms, tall bamboo, ornamental grasses, or palms are ideal choices for these types of spaces. Including an area of water along with seating can promote a stress-free ambiance to any environment.

A person who wants a green space in their home or office, should take the time to learn about the equipment and work that goes into the upkeep of green walls and outdoor rooms. Luckily, Evergreen Tropical Interiors can help you to answer any question you may have about these types of services, plants, or how to start!

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Create Inviting Office Building with Landscaping in the City

It’s no secret that employees want to be happy going into work every day. Although there are many factors that affect this, having living plants, flowers, and trees, both in and around the building, can help alleviate the grief. If you want to improve employee morale naturally, consider adding the following to your city office building.

Unless you have a helicopter pad on the top of your building, everyone will be entering your building from the street. This means that you will need an entrance that is neat and inviting to make a strong, lasting first impression. Create an impact by using large planters and boxes containing seasonal plants & flowers.

Rooftop Spaces
If you have claim to your building’s rooftop, consider redesigning it into a terrace or patio. During the warmer weather, employees can relax and sip their coffee, or enjoy their lunch. This space will need seating with plants that will provide shade. Colorful plants will add to the great view of the city! If you want to increase functionality, add a community rooftop garden for your employees!

Walking Paths
For corporate buildings with a large campus, consider adding walking paths for employee breaks and fitness. Larger plants and trees can be used to provide shade and protect walkers from the elements. Colorful seasonal plants make the paths visually appealing and a joy to walk through.

Stay Updated
Indoor spaces are just as important as outdoor spaces. Since employees will be spending most of their time indoors, it’s important to create and maintain a lively space, with many plants, to boost employee morale and health. You can read our blog on why office plants are beneficial here!

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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants to Liven Your Office Space

Working inside of an office all day can be draining, especially if you work in an office with no windows. The dreary setting can leave you feeling uninspired. Luckily there is a way to brighten your workspace which also comes with health benefits. Decorating with live indoor plants will boost your mood and productivity while purifying the air of any volatile organic compounds around you. The best thing about them is that there are many which require little care to flourish. These low maintenance plants will thrive in dusty settings under fluorescent lights with minimal watering!

Snake Plant
The snake plant is a very durable indoor plant which thrives in almost any environment, even if you forget to water it. It does a great job purifying the air

The Pothos plant is very resilient and can survive with low or little light. The Pothos grows like a vine with glossy green & white leaves, which can be draped over cubicle walls and shelves. When the vines get too long, you can cut them off and stick them in water until you see roots grow, and then replant them in another pot.

Peace Lily
This plant can be found in many indoor spaces such as doctors’ offices and malls because of their elegance and low maintenance. They can live in indirect light and do not need to be watered often.

Rubber Plant
This plant will grow into an 8-foot-tall tree if you let it. Although it’s low maintenance makes it great for the office, it’s height might not. Luckily with a little pruning you can keep this plant down to your desired height!

These plants require little attention and readily adapt to all kinds of environments. Philodendrons come in vining and non-climbing variations.
philodendron plant

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Tips for Maintaining your House & Office Plants

Two house plants sitting on open window sill.

Keeping your indoor plants happy & healthy does not require much work. Most indoor plants are very robust and can withstand some degree of neglect. Even so, it is still recommended that you perform maintenance once a week. Use the following tips to keep your plants vibrant for years to come!


Not all plants thrive under the same conditions. Before purchasing plants, do your research on the ideal temperature, watering frequency, & amount of sunlight needed for each plant.


Watering your plants doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. In fact, you can actually harm your plant by watering it every day. A simple test to see if your plant even needs to be watered, is to stick your pointer finger about an inch into the soil. If you feel the soil is dry give it some water, but if it feels moist, save the watering for another day!


It is important to inspect the leaves and branches of your plants for any insects or malnutrition. You can do this when you water them to save time. If you notice your leaves are turning brown, forming spots, or have holes in them,  it might be because they are not getting enough light, there is little nutrition in the soil, or there is a pest invading your plants’ space.


If you find that your soil is always wet, it could be because the container they are sitting in does not have proper drainage. Check the bottom of the container to see if you need to poke/drill a few more holes. If creating more holes is not possible, it might be wise to get a different container with better drainage.

If you notice that roots are sticking out of the drainage holes in the container, it means the plant is outgrowing it, and the container will need to be upgraded to a larger one.


Although your plants might look nice where they are placed, the location could actually be damaging them. If your plants are in direct sunlight and look dry, move them somewhere with less light throughout the day. Also, it is advised not to place plants directly in front of, or next to, a source of heat or air conditioning.

Office Plants are Beneficial to Employee Health

Having indoor plants around the home or office can add to the décor and aesthetics of the room. But did you know that having plants indoors can have many health benefits? If you have been considering adding a few to your room or space, here are some reasons why should invest in indoor plants.

Stress Reduction

According to the University of Vermont, there have been many studies in Texas, Washington State, and England which have shown that employees are 12 percent more productive in environments with plants present, due to a decrease in stress.

Cleaner Air

Indoor plants make exceptional inexpensive air filters, especially bromeliads. During the 252nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society this past August, researchers detailed how incredible bromeliads & other plants are at filtering out VOCs from the air. VOCs are volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and acetone, which can be found in paint, cleaning supplies, & printers. These harmful compounds can cause health issues such as dizziness, asthma, and in serious cases, cancer and damage to the central nervous system.


Having plants in the office creates a visual meditative effect for both your employees and guests. Plants also absorb excess noise especially in areas with hard surfaces such as marble, concrete, and hardwood which can be quite distracting and hurt employee production.

Plants Make Great Air Filters | Evergreen Tropical Interiors

During the 252nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, researchers presented findings how certain types of houseplants are effective at removing indoor air pollutants.

During their research, they took five different species of houseplants and exposed them to eight common VOCs over several hours in a sealed chamber. For those who don’t know VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Common VOCs such as acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde can be found in furniture, paint, cleaning supplies, printers, & dry-cleaned clothes; all of which are hazardous to our health! Inhaling these can cause a flare in allergies, asthma, and dizziness and in serious cases, can cause cancer and damage to the central nervous system. Traditionally, expensive filters have been used to purify the air in a home, office, or business, but now plants could serve as an inexpensive alternative!

Out of the five plants tested, bromeliads performed the best overall, removing 80% of six out of the eight VOCs utilized. This is great for businesses trying to cut down on energy costs. Not only are plants ecofriendly, but they also add elegance to any office or business!

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